Tour Memorabilia Giveaway!

While unpacking from the tour, some pretty cool memorabilia have surfaced. So I’ve decided to give them away!

For a start, this hand-painted amp cover that was in use every day will go to a randomly chosen winner among all people that ordered something at my online store in April. That includes past orders as well as anybody ordering at in the next 6 days!

Amp Cover

“Write A Review” Contest Winner Chosen!

Congratulations are in order – we have a winner for my “Write A Review” competition! Arturo from Madrid wrote the very nice review below and will receive a unique drum head played by Merlin Sutter on the tour and then hand-painted by me!

Here’s the review:

First of all I must admit that I did not know the work of Anna Murphy. My predilection for Anneke Van Giersbergen attracted me by chance at an incredible performer. I arrived just when the first song started and since the entry of the concert hall, a voice hypnotized me. The staging, discreet, but beyond that sobriety the figure of Anna stood above all. Armed with a microphone and a set of effects to modulate the voice left me in shock. My contacts told me that indeed Anna was an important part of the band Eluveitie and there she plays the hurdy-gurdy (zanfona in Spanish) but I did not know that here would too! It was a surprise to see her with his instrument and leave me with such a good feeling. I was surprised because I did not expect to see a hurdy-gurdy in a musical style like this.
The concert was a light demonstration of the truly potential of this girl playing with her band. It was a mix of sensations, maybe bittersweet. A lot of sweet moments with a lot of beauty piano passages and others more intense with heart-rending lyrics and rhythm sections. Anna’s voice was…was…OMG…awesome. At Anna’s right we found a really nice keyboard player with a huge sound presence on the mix, because in my opinion, it is necessary to give to Anna an atmospheric support to complete the compositions, and this guy was on the spot!
I have to admit that the rhythm section was incredible. Drums was totally awesome. He plays with a mixed kit with analog parts and other electronic parts, but the kick in my chest was totally insane, he knows how to do it! (hahaha). Apart from the drums, the rest of the band was completely on the background. I don’t know if it was because of the mix, but the guitars and the bass just disappeared in the mix and it is a pity because they really rocks!
For me, the best song was “woebegone”. It was the first time but I remember each note of that tune burned in my skin, and now, I have goose bumps while I am listening to it on Spotify.
To conclude, I must say that it was great to discover this girl teaching us a real lesson of how to create music and defend it on stage, and of course it was amazing to hear her beautiful voice.

Arturo Destroyer

Drum Head