Australia: full rock line-up & a session bass player you might be familiar with!


Today is a day for good news. Some of you might already know that my solo shows were supposed to be in a toned-down acoustic setting. Well, I decided to extend the line-up and give you guys the real thing with a full-on rock band (loud drums and everything!) as well as an extended setlist, including of course my solo material (some of it even as metal versions) as well as a selection of acoustic Eluveitie tunes… And perhaps even a surprise! What’s more, we will be joined by the legendary ex-Eluveitie bassist Rafi Kirder! Now this is some real old-school shit right there  :-)  Can’t wait!

Tickets & more info:

26 August 2016: Sydney, Bald Faced Stag
27 August 2016: Melbourne, The Evelyn Hotel

Thank you Tombowler Entertainment for the invitation!

Rafi Kirder

Anna Murphy shows in Australia!

Good news, Australia! My solo shows have been rescheduled and I will return to your beautiful country in August with my solo material!! How cool is that? With me I will bring my buddies Ivo Henzi and Merlin Sutter because without them it would sound like shite.

A million thanks to Tombowler Entertainment for rescheduling the shows, it means the world to us and we can’t wait for these shows!! We will prepare something very special for all of you.
Friday, 26th of August: Sydney, Bald Faced Stag Hotel
Saturday, 27th of August: Melbourne, The Evelyn Hotel
More infos & tickets:

See you there!



Exciting Things to Come!

Dear fans and friends

As you may have already witnessed via Facebook, I am leaving Eluveitie together with my long-time friends Merlin & Ivo. I wrote a personal statement a couple of days ago that you can check out here:

These are hard times for us all, but I’m especially sorry because of our dear fans. During the last few days I’ve answered hundreds and hundreds of messages from the nicest most thoughtful people and I’m overwhelmed by the support I’m getting.
Apart from realizing once again how amazing my fans are, another good thing has happened: My writers block which had been going on since my last solo album seems to have disappeared. My brain is blooming with ideas for both my next solo album as well as the new band I will form together with Merlin & Ivo. Life is a funny thing, let’s hope I don’t always have to be devastated in order to write music ;-)

I just wanted to drop a message and let all of you know that after “the blow”, lots of exciting things will happen this year!

I hope all of you are well, feel free to message me anytime

Yours truly


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