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    With the debut album Cellar Darling and 2016′s follow-up single Mayday comes the long-anticipated first solo effort of the Swiss singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anna Murphy.

    At the young age of 27, the daughter of Swiss and Irish opera singers has already toured the world several times over, having released several albums and played hundreds of shows in more than 45 countries on 6 continents with her former band Eluveitie. Her musical activities are diverse and include her new band with fellow former Eluveitie members Merlin Sutter and Ivo HenziCellar Darling (named after Anna’s solo album), as well as the side projects LetheFräkmündt and many others. Anna has been establishing herself as a producer and studio sound engineer as well. All the while, Anna is stepping in the spotlight with her solo efforts – true works of art and some of the most diverse music to see the light of day in recent years.

    Skillfully, Anna melts pop, rock and electronica into a wildly diverse mix, prompting comparisons to a variety of artists ranging from Florence And The Machine all the way to the likes of Jack White and Muse. You may categorize Anna’s music as “Alternative”, although she much prefers the term Eclectica. In September 2013, Anna released her long-awaited solo debut album Cellar Darling, entirely funded with her fans through a Kickstarter campaign, followed by a successful European tour with Anneke Van Giersbergen (NL) in 2014. In 2016, Anna released the breakthrough follow-up single Mayday, which came with a remix of her album’s title track, created by Tommy Vetterli, and saw its  live premiere as part of Anna’s very first Australian tour. Anna comments on her most recent effort in her own words:

    “Mayday is about living in the moment and doing stupid stuff. It is inspired by my constant search for chaos and the consequences of it. Musically it features my most authentic approach so far as well as a perfect band consisting of Marco Jencarelli (guitars), Ivo Henzi (bass) and Merlin Sutter (drums).

    It is honest, sarcastic and provocative. 

    The song was produced by Marco Jencarelli and myself at Soundfarm studios in Lucerne, the artwork is done yet again by me with photography by Merlin Sutter.

    The lyric video was produced by myself and Merlin Sutter. Recorded in one take and terribly hungover, that’s some real Mayday action right there. I am fully aware that there will be lots of funny screen shots taken after this and I’m ready to face the consequences.”

    Responsible not ‘only’ for the lyrics and music, the uncompromising young artist takes complete control including co-producing her music with Marco Jencarelli (Soundfarm Studios, Philipp Fankhauser, Dada Ante Portas) and even painting most of the artwork herself. She tells intimate tales in an epic lyrical concept, often with a slightly sarcastic angle. As much a music fan as an artist, Anna refuses any further explanation – not to keep her fans in the dark, but to allow them to immerse themselves in their own version of the story, and to allow the songs to come to life in a personal way for each listener. Or, in Anna’s own words: “I prefer to pour my emotions into my music, rather than onto my listeners.

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